See the world through Pete’s eyes,
and you’ll never see your world the same again.
— Kara-Leah Grant

Pete will be collaborating with some the most renown names in yoga
to present his Art of Seeing + Blindfolded Yoga concept this summer.

These events blend modern musings with a blindfolded practice to create a unique sensory submersion. Kaleidoscopic in scope, these immersive experiences provide a playful invitation to an inner journey that will shift the way you see yourself,
the world, and others.


Pete has had the pleasure of collaborating with All-Stars of the industry, including
Elena Brower, Kerri Kelly, Briohny and Dice, Simon Park and Cameron Shayne.
Click here to see this year's lineup.



I never knew how much I could see with my eyes closed.
— Claudine Lafond