Photo Session: Lisa Clark

Music: Peter Goetz | Location: Mona Vale Beach, Australia


Expand her limits for accepting her majestic existence. Let her hang the medals of honour on her own jacket and stop questioning whether she is enough and gives enough. Point her generosity and kindness outward, knowing that everything that flows from her creates a ripple effect. Highlight her benevolence, because big-heartedness is what she will be remembered for above all.

- Excerpts from Honouring Worth by Pixie Lighthorse


The Art of Seeing + Blindfolded Yoga

Less digital, more life.
Cultivate the distractions and spoil your senses with an immersive event
that will elevate the way you see the world, and yourself...

An experiential concept designed to expand your sensory awareness. Involves blindfolded movement, music and playful adventures into mindfulness.

Be persuaded to the beauty beyond pixels.
Discover something new about yourself.
In joy.