My Story

“I grew up on 6,000 acres of sheep, wheat and cattle somewhere out in rural Australia. Apparently born to (mis)adventure, my life now fits into a suitcase and my days are a kaleidoscopic collection of exquisite experiences...

I’ve roasted marshmallows on molten lava in Guatemala, broke bread with locals in Arabia, and I've dined on escargot at one of North America’s most revered restaurants. I’ve had a tarantula on my face, a monkey on my back, and a dragon in my bed.

I’ve danced with drunks on tabletops and meditated with monks on mountaintops. I’ve heard a jungle come alive and spoke to a man moments before he chose to die. I’ve enjoyed sexual treats while performing circus feats, sailed a pirate ship, skinny-dipped, skydived and poked a beehive. I've earned fame and deserved shame. 

I’ve been exposed to many things, good, bad and ugly, along with all 50 shades in-between. I’ve seen the sweetness in squalor and the ugly side of opulence. I’ve felt the wrong side of the law and the right side of love. I’ve mingled with magnificence and made a home with mayhem.

From orphanages in Cambodia to private yachts in the Greek Islands. Circus jugglers to people smugglers. Penthouse suites to dodgy backstreets. Sporting elites to computer geeks. Gangsters. Bankers. The black market to the red carpet. I’ve seen it all through my lens.

For more than a decade I’ve been paid to go, see and capture. With every click of the shutter I learn more of the world, more of myself, and I become more convinced that this planet is an absolute playground.

It is my passion and privilege to help people awaken to the Wonderland.”