Faceless, but still a thousand words

It’s amazing how much a faceless portrait can reveal about someone’s character. By asking them to hold something they value, a whole world is revealed in the details of their choice.


The way they pick up the object, their preference for jewellery and the details of their nails. Further, buoyant in the blur lives the subtleties of their attire, their body language and the small details of their surroundings.

Offering a careful eye you will see her persuasion to smell the roses, the tenderness of her touch and the reverence of her self care. You’ll note her understated beauty, her easeful nature and the quaint comforts of her home.

These observations combine to confess a greater depth… the warmth in her heart, the fire in her soul, and the beauty of her quest. Faceless, but still a thousand words.


How much can you tell about those close to you simply by attuning to the beauty of their more subtle details?