A Creative Circus Out Yonda


The Black Jack Camera Club...
Arguably the most vibrant creative community in rural Australia!


The Black Jack Camera Club formed a couple of years ago after I hosted a round of photo workshops in Gunnedah, Australia. It's not uncommon to see some lingering resonance from these creative offerings, but I've never experienced anything quite like these guys!

With more than 60 active members from all walks of life, Grandmothers mingle with men and paid shooters with primary schoolers. It's an amazing community and whether serious or silly, everyone simply helps everyone. Last week the club sponsored me to host a hands-on photo workshop... and the creative circus came out in force!

Image by Rosie Snape (12 years old)!

Image by Rosie Snape (12 years old)!

Image by Elizabeth Emmerson

Image by Elizabeth Emmerson

We landed in an orange orchard on the outskirts of town and as the creative critters descended the sound of clicking shutters echoed across the unique country-scape.

Images by Lucas Hawkins (1, 2 & 6), Katrina Davis (3), and Stuart Dolbel (4 & 5)... don't miss the kangaroos!



Our beloved model, Kayla Oakley, was kind enough to play in the golden hour light and give everyone plenty of pretty moments to practice with. 

Images by Wendy Carpenter (1,2 & 6), Marie Low (3), Hope-Emily Wilkins (4), Lucas Hawkins (5).


Images by Pete Longworth (1 & 3), Elizabeth Emmerson (2).

As day turned to night, we shared pictures and enjoyed a baking tray full of some home-cooked savoury sensations (you don't get that in the city workshops). Then we danced into the darkness with tripods, headlights and glow sticks. As the milky way sparkled above, we learnt how to shoot long exposures and paint with light. There was skipping with ropes of lights, strange red figures, a car shoot, and even some well-lit love!

Images by (in order) Stuart Dolbel, Rosie Snape, Katrina Davis, Rebecca Newman, Wendy Carpenter, Lucas Hawkins, Marie Low and Jodi Dolbel.


This adventure was a treat and I am truly grateful for the experience. As much as I may inspire them, the Black Jack Camera Club inspires me. They remind me of the raw beauty in enthusiasm and the warmth of community. Seeing things with a sparkle, I'm already excited for the next adventure!

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Image by Margaret Carr

Image by Margaret Carr


If you are ever interested in organising a photographic adventure day while I'm in your town, please click the button, leave some details and we will see what magic we can conjure up...