Hi Friend,

I’m Pete, welcome to the playground.

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First thing to know… I do things differently.

If you’re scratching around for a camera operator who competes on price, I’m not your guy. If you’re ready for a discerning artist to see and truly celebrate your talents, you’re absolutely in the right place.

Far beyond pretty pictures, I’m here to create a container… a safe and enjoyable space for your most authentic self to come alive and thrive. It is from here that you will truly elevate your brand. This experience will set you apart, amplify your message, and most importantly, provide serious ROI.

We’ll have your clients confident, and your peers jealous.

Last thing to know, I’m like you…

Dedicated to the craft.
Invested in the success of my clients.
I live for the standing ovation.


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  1. We have a virtual tea:
    I’m from outback Australia, so making time to connect correctly comes naturally. Phone or zoom call, this is our chance to feel into things, to listen and be heard… the perfect potion when considering a formal adventure together.

  2. We come to you: 
    It's pretty simple. Myself and my assistant Wizard (Sir Jeffrey) will join you in your favourite, most comfortable environment. This may be at home close to the kids, or somewhere far-far away, or it may be at the venue of your next gig.

  3. What we do: 
    I'm not interested in creating stiff, canned speaking collateral that looks like everyone else. Across two days, we capture four unique types of content - Soul Portraits, Creative Heroes, some Stage Magic and Truth Drops (samples below). We are going to create authentic and captivating content that eloquently captures you (the real you)… cause that’s what the world really wants.

  4. What to wear: 
    We will coordinate with this closer to the date. A quick rule of thumb, solids over prints, mostly dark with options in light. Think timeless, interesting necklines and simple jewelry. What's most important is that it's something you're comfortable in, something that feels like you (or the you you want to be).

  5. Trust the process: 
    My job is to capture the essence of who you truly are (and there are rumours out there that I'm good at it). I use some untraditional tactics to pull the best out of people, so you may feel it to be less of a photo shoot and more of a life experience. Even if you feel out of your comfort zone, I promise you're in good hands.

  6. See yourself: 
    Once we've wrapped the shoot, Sir Jeffrey and I will go through thousands of photos and choose the best of the best. That usually takes 2-3 business days, at which point I'll load those onto my website for you to view and get excited about. You then choose the images you want. I'll give them a little extra love and turn them around within 3-4 business days. 

    Just to be clear, it could be as long as two weeks for you to get your final images, depending on how quickly you get back to us on your final selections.

  7. A note about the Truth Drop videos: 
    I shoot each Truth Drop in one take. Many clients love the raw, unfiltered version, but we can include a basic brand fade-in and/or fade-out at no additional cost. If you want fancy fades, branding, or other bells and whistles, please know that's not included in the quoted price.


  • 2 days, 2 artists, multi-location shoot: 
    Myself and Sir Jeffrey (the assisting Wizard) will work with you for 4-8 hours per day. We will shoot for two days across a variety of locations.

  • Soul Portraits (8 images): 
    Traditional headshots are designed to make you fit in. Soul Portraits will make sure you stand out. This is your most utilised piece of promo… we will give you potent treasures that you can be truly proud of.

  • Creative Heroes (8 images): 
    People don't hire speakers, they hire humans. My Creative Hero images are crafted to highlight the best of you… off-stage, intimate and real. These are a potent mix of human, lifestyle moments and stylised, creative captures…those impactful images that demand attention and set you apart.

  • Stage Magic (8 images):

    Your magic moments captured… artfully… finally. This is you at your shining best and I will immortalise it. Ignite your bureau’s appetite, excite future clients and add some wow to your website. Remember in this landscape, if there’s no photos, it didn’t really happen.

  • Truth Drop videos (5x 30-90 seconds each):
    There is lots of over-produced materials that dilute good messages in this industry. That's why I invented Truth Drop videos. They are raw and trustable. No gimmicks, just pure message… captivatingly captured. We'll shoot up to five to help convey exactly why you are the bee’s knees of your industry.











  • Trusted by the best
    Simon Sinek is the sponsor on my Artist Visa to the USA and I have created the visual assets for his entire Start With Why team.

  • Not my first rodeo
    With over 15 years as a professional photographer, I’ve shot hundreds of speakers. I know what assets speakers need, and how to create them.

  • Live for the art
    Passionate. Obsessed. Call me what you like, I won’t settle and I wouldn’t turn it off… even if I knew how.




  • How much does it cost?
    For the package described above, shot in one city over two days, the investment is 10k (USD) plus expenses.

    But just like you, every gig is different. For example, some speakers want to shoot Creative Heroes in their hometown and capture Stage Magic from a big gig on the road. Some want certain assets but not others, so the investment can range from 5k to 15k. On our Virtual Tea date, we’ll chat about what makes the most sense for you.

  • What about expenses?
    Like you, expenses are additional to the fee. Generally they include two round-trip flights, two nights, uber, meals and incidentals… expect 1k-2k (much less if you come to us). Once the conversation moves to dates, my Executive Ninja will coordinate the schedule and work diligently to ensure the friendliest of details. Don't worry, I grew up on a farm Downunder, so there won’t be any diva action.

Commissioning Pete to shoot all of our speakers was one of the best investments we’ve ever made. He has an ability to capture the essence of a person in an unparalleled way. The collateral is potent, the experience is unforgettable.
— Kim Harrison (CEO, Start With Why)



Simple, if you feel inspired by the playground, let’s schedule a virtual tea.


In the meantime, my team and I are happy to answer any questions you may have.
Just send a carrier pigeon to hello@petelongworth.com.




When it comes to working with Pete, the privilege is all mine. His work is at once utterly natural and entirely extraordinary.
— Elena Brower (Author & Speaker)
Working with Pete is an extraordinary experience of complete and utter brilliance.
— Peter Merrett (International Speaker, Genie & Coach)
A Master Storyteller. Work with him.
— Cameron Shayne (Philosopher & Provocateur)


You’ve spent years honing your craft and refining your message, so let’s spend a couple of days creating visual assets that provide true service to your efforts.



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