I sold everything I own and set sail with my camera, a laptop, and a persuasion for the road less-travelled.
— Pete Longworth

Five years later, his life still fits into a suitcase and the adventure continues.
From festival stages to photo shoots, presentations to art installations,
Pete arouses sensuality, enlivens perspectives, and invites you to
see the world, and yourself, differently.



Shifting hearts and minds around the globe,
Pete has taken the stage for Nikon, Apple, Wanderlust,
Lululemon and the Australian Government.




A celebrated visual storyteller, Pete has exhibited internationally and adorned the screens of Cannes. He is a two-time winner at the New York Independent Film Festival and was selected as Australia's featured artist for their National Day. Pete has also headlined Sydney's famous Vivid light festival with an interactive installation that graced the front facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art.



From Narrabri to New York, Pete has shared the wonders of photography and his beloved Art of Seeing with thousands of people. His infectious energy and talent for inspiring new perspectives has made him a regular on the Wanderlust circuit in the southern hemisphere.


Creative Crusader


"I grew up in rural Australia surrounded by sheep, wheat and cattle. With a fondness for (mis)adventure and a fancy for creativity, my life now fits into a suitcase and I travel the globe savouring sweet moments and sharing the beauty of their lessons.

I’ve roasted marshmallows on molten lava in Guatemala, broken bread with locals in Arabia and dined on escargot at the world's most revered restaurants. I’ve had a tarantula on my face, a monkey on my back, and a dragon in my bed. I’ve danced with drunks on tabletops and meditated with monks on mountaintops. I’ve heard a jungle come alive and spoke to a man moments before he chose to die.

From orphanages in Asia to private yachts in the Mediterranean, circus jugglers to human smugglers, sporting elites to computer geeks, the black market to the red carpet - I’ve seen it all through my lens. With every click of the shutter I learn more of the world, become more myself, and realise that
this planet is an absolute playground.

It is my passion and privilege to help people see the world... differently."

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