Pete is an inspired educator with a talent for
exposing the fun side of photography.
— Julia McCabe

Shooting professionally for more than 12 years, Pete is as passionate as a puppy about photography. Revelling in the opportunity to share his skills, he provides simple yet powerful tools to turn your everyday images into artworks.



Does posting feel more like an obligation than a playful creation?
Are you keen to inspire your community with more captivating content?
Would you like insights on the best tricks and tools around?
Want to improve every picture you ever take?

Empower your creativity.
Demystify the drama of taking pictures for social media.

This one-day photographic intensive will enable you to take great pictures, consistently. Enjoy the confidence of having the technical know-how; the creative kung-fu; and the hands-on experience to actively enliven your online community.

This is an intimate workshop designed for potent results.


*only ten spaces AVAILABLE per city



Miami | July 12 - 20
Los Angeles | July 21 - 31
Vancouver | August 13
New York | November 1 - 14

Discovering the power to create more beauty in my life...
that is a pretty remarkable thing to have happen in one afternoon!
— Kristi Clark

Here's how your day will look...

+ Creative philosophy +


The most important aspect of photography is seeing. So we will pause, take a deep breath, and show you how to improve your pictures before even picking up a device. You'll have plenty to ponder as we dip into neuroscience and frolic with philosophy.

+ Technical breakdowns +

With fresh eyes and a charged mind, we will deepen your understanding of the technical aspects of photography - lighting, subject and composition. Whether using a phone or a camera, we will cover all the essential bits and buttons. You'll receive take home notes and a conceptual toolkit that will become your new best friend.

+ Live demonstrations +

After the theory, you'll see it all come to life with live demonstrations. Ground in the foundations and learn Pete's favourite tricks. You'll be amazed by how quickly and easily you can amplify the potency of your pictures.

+ Practical playtime +

We will then put everything into practice and head outside for some hands-on playtime. Shoot with Pete, ask questions in realtime, and discover efficient ways to create a diverse content in the same scene. This is an explosive opportunity to head home with ready-to-post content that will invigorate your feed for the next month.