1. You’re Beautiful Enough
Pete’s style of work is candid, raw and intimate. By nature this involves minimal retouching. Any specific requests are welcome (not encouraged) and may require an additional fee.

2. Usage Rights, Third Parties & Social Media
No use of content without full payment. You are purchasing the creative services for your use only. No content may be on-sold or provided to third parties without written permission and potential fees. All social media posts to be accompanied by a linked handle/credit (provided on delivery). 

3. Copyright
Pete Longworth retains all copyright and shall be entitled to use the content for other purposes including personal promotion. Further permission will be sought for any commercial third party usage wherein you are easily recognisable or nudity is present.

4. Approvals, Gallery & Selections
Pete's creative interpretation will be deemed acceptable and final. You are most welcome to bring trusted colleagues to set if desired. An online gallery will be created and you are required to make your selections within 14 days of presentation. Gallery expires in 90 days. Additional image purchases available anytime during.  

5. Payment, Expenses & Cancellations
Deposit is non-refundable and only transferrable in special circumstances or if the shoot slot is filled. Unless privately agreed, full payment is due 7 days prior to shoot. For tailored experiences, you are responsible for all shoot related expenses including travel, meals, accommodation and any equipment hired to cater specific requests (these fees will be discussed prior to the shoot). Expenses incurred due to cancellation, postponement, reshoots or changes that you initiate (verbal or otherwise), will be your responsibility.

6. I'm a Grown Up
You are a grown up and accept responsibility for your own actions and safety. You indemnify Pete Longworth against all claims, liability, damages and expenses incurred during the shoot, along with any third party claims arising from the use of the content. 

7. Good Vibes
You will show up with good energy and clear intentions to make this experience as nourishing and fun as humanly possible. Pete will most certainly do the same!