1 hour and 11 minutes…

That was the total time between the first click of the shutter and the last. Our photoshoot took place in a hotel suite that was anything but special, and we squeezed it in between Whitney’s appointments as she dashed through Denver.

Some may call this a “disruptive” work environment.
I simply love it!



These videos are one my Signature offerings.
You’ll find one’s essence, lovingly evoked and captivatingly captured.
The result is utter authenticity. No BS, just pure message.

We crafted a few of these with Whitney.


Why is Disruption so Important?

The following video was our very first take.
It was scripted and delivered perfectly.

Can you feel the difference?


Understandably, clients often cling to the comforts of a script. Creating disruption by uncoupling them from this safety and evoking their essence is where my real artistry lies, and it’s where their true point of difference is felt.

It’s subtle but significant, especially in a saturated marketplace. And, it sells!
That is why disruption is so important.


Making it all look really pretty is just a delightful bonus!